Your Z - Will Barber - S & S Silver Saxon Turbo

Thanks to Will Barber from Cheshire for the information and photographs of this S & S Silver Saxon Turbo.
Will sold the motorcycle in 2015.

Kawasaki S + S Silver Saxon Turbo

Will Barber's Kawasaki Z1 based S + S Silver Saxon Turbo

S + S Performance was based in Stanstead Abbots, Ware in the U.K.

The Silver Saxon Turbo features a turbocharged Z1 based engine fitted into a frame manufactured by British frame specialist, Rickman.

The motorcycle that you see on this page is the prototype Silver Saxon Turbo built in 1976.
A further nine production Silver Saxon Turbos (Production Numbers 1 to 9) were manufactured 
before S + S went bankrupt in December 1979.

In 1979, the British heavy metal rock group 'Saxon' commissioned S + S to produce a Silver Saxon Turbo to use during their 'Strong Arm Of The Law' tour in 1980.

As S + S were short of funds at the time, they uprated the prototype to sell to the band and then classed it as Production Number 10.

After the Saxon tour was over, the bike was bought by Bob Barnett whose brother in law was Saxon's promotional manager at that time.
The bike was hardly used until it was purchased by Will Barber from Cheshire in 2006. 

 Thanks to Will Barber for this photograph of the Silver Saxon Turbo.   When Will bought the bike, it was still unregistered and only had around 1100 miles on the clock, much of this mileage from development by S + S.

Will then registered and restored it.

The Silver Saxon Turbo is often the centre of attention at shows and has won prizes at some of these events. 


The engine features the following:

Fully welded crankshaft
 bored to 1105cc with extra thick liners
Russ Collins forged turbo pistons
S+S ported cylinder head with enlarged exhaust valves and S+S turbo profile cams
EGLI deep sump
MTC lock-up clutch
Dyna S ignition pack with MSD leads and ND plugs

Rajay 370 F40A turbocharger ported by S+S
ATP inlet manifold
boost gauge
wastegate and ‘Spyder’ header
Mikuni HSR42 carburettor
S+S silencer

Approximate power output;

190bhp @ 9psi (road use)
225bhp @ 12psi (fast road)
300bhp @ 25psi (race on avgas fuel)


The question from many a schoolboy. 

 "What will it do, mister ?"

The Z900 instruments were modified to include the S + S logo.

The speedometer dial was also modified to show up to 210mph.



  Silver Saxon Turbo instruments from a Z900 

The chassis features the following:

Rickman CR bright nickel plated frame & swing arm
38mm Betor forks
Hagon ‘classic’ rear shocks
AP Lockheed Racing calipers & master cylinders all round
Ronal 5 spoke wheels
Pirelli Demon Sport tyres

Rickman tank and seat units in single and dual seat versions.

 Thanks to Will Barber for this photograph of the Silver Saxon Turbo with single seat option    Thanks to Will Barber for this photograph of the Silver Saxon Turbo with dual seat option

  I would like to thank Will Barber for the information and photographs of his Silver Saxon Turbo.

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