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Paul Mercer. Kawasaki Z1000ST

This is me, webmaster of KawasakiZ1.com on my Z1000ST in 1981. I had hair then !!

Quite often on a Sunday afternoon, a group of us met up and rode our motorcycles around a patch of land that was once part of the Burtonwood Airbase just ouside Warrington....

....near where IKEA is now !

The girl on the pillion is Jane.
At the time, Jane was the girlfriend of Johnny Scott.

We have all lost touch since then.....  

...so Johnny or Jane...(or anyone else who used to ride at Burtonwood).. if you are reading this page now, please get in touch.

Paul Mercer - paulgmercer@gmail.com

Unfortunately, I do not have any more photos of the ST to publish now, even though I am sure I have some pictures somewhere. (probably in my parents' loft !!)

I bought the Luminous Ruby Red Z1000-E2 (ST) from Steve Hartley when he had a Kawasaki dealership in Warrington.
I remember getting a special deal from Steve because the Z1100ST had just been released and Kawasaki were selling off "old" models such as the Z1000ST at a discount.

I paid around £1,800 !   .......  if only I could buy an ST for that price now !

At the time I had the Z1000ST, I also had a Kawasaki KH250 two stroke triple...

....so I reckon I had "the best of both worlds"..... Two completely different motorcycles, both exciting to ride in their own way.

I recently saw Steve Hartley and it was great to reminisce about old times.

Paul Mercer.


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