Kawasaki Z1 Press Release

News Release from Graeme "Croz" Crosby

Larrikin Biker is Graeme Crosby's autobiography and is the first book "Croz" has written.
It has received many excellent reviews from fans and press alike.

Click on the image below to order your copy of Larrikin Biker signed by "Croz". 

  Larrikin Biker - Book by Graeme Croz Crosby

"I lifted the UV-cracked visor. "Which way does the track go and what's the lap record?" I called out over the noise of the valve gear rattling and clanging between my legs. The flag marshal's eyebrows raised in disbelief. I could hear him muttering, "And who the hell do you think you are - Mike Hailwood?"


Please Click Here to read Graeme's article in the "Your Z" section.



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