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Craig Vetter's 1975 Rickman Kawasaki

 This 1975 Rickman Kawasaki belongs to Craig Vetter. 
It is shown here on display at the Mid Ohio Motorcycle Show in July 2012.

Kawasaki earned a reputation for bullet proof reliability with their 903cc and 1015cc engines.
Even though the Kawasaki engines were powerful in standard form, the reliability of the engines was inevitably going to attract the attention of tuning companies.

The standard frame of the Kawasaki Z1 was unfortunately not a strong point and specialist frame builders came up with designs to take advantage of the power of the Kawasaki engine, whether it be in standard or tuned form.

One such frame specialist was the British company, Rickman.

Craig Vetter's Rickman Kawasaki is one of the finest examples in existence.

 Craig Vetter on his Rickman Kawasaki at Daytona in 1976

Craig Vetter on his Rickman Kawasaki at Daytona in 1976.

I would like to thank Craig Vetter for his permission to use the photographs on
this page.

There is more information to follow soon. 

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